TL-100 Series of Motorized Up/Down Lifts

This series of lifts are designed to raise and lower conventional TV's.

  •   Inner box houses the TV, while the lift is installed in the outer cabinet
  • Rack and pinion operation provides stable travel
  • High quality motor draws less than 3 amps
  • Internal limit switches allow for precise operation
  • Various sizes readily available to accommodate unique dimensions of each application
  • 3 year warranty
  •  Our state-of-art control options are: radio remote control, infrared remote control, low voltage/contact closure control interface

TL-100 Series Dimensions




Load Capacity    O/S Dimensions   Travel
 TL-100 Up to 13" TV     100 lbs. 24"W, 20"H, 16"D   16.75"
 TL-110 Up to 27" TV     150 lbs. 30.5"W, 28"H, 16"D   24.75"
 TL-120 Up to 27" TV     200 lbs. 31.5"W, 30"H, 16"D   26.75"
 TL-130 Up to 32" TV     300 lbs. 36"W, 34"H, 20"D     30"
 TL-140 Up to 36" TV     450 lbs. 42"W, 37"H, 20"D     33"
 TL-150 Multipurpose     600 lbs. 60"W, 46"H, 25"D     41"

(All Measurements in Inches)

Sizing a Lift:

    The "rule of thumb" for sizing a 100 Series lift is that the overall width of the lift should be at least 4.5" wider thatn the width of the TV. The 4.5' accommodated the width of our gear racks, and clearances between the gear racks, the inner box, and the TV. Available travel should be at least 1" more than the height of the TV. The depth of the TV is not an important consideration in initial sizing because your TV (and inner box) may overhang our motorized platform.