Model TL-200-SCT Series

For those who prefer not having the cabinet top raised above the TV,m our self-concealing top feature provides a solution. The sequential operation of this mechanism pivots and conceals the cabinet top, then raises the plasma for viewing.

  • Highlights thin profile of television with a high-tech look
  • At the touch of the a button, top is concealed and television is raised
  • Backplate is provided to interface with a wall mount bracket
  • Adjustable slip clutch controls the ease of opening and closing cabinet lid
  • Rack and pinion operation provides stable travel
  • High quality motor draws less than 3 amps
  • Each lift is built to order based upon the unique dimesions of each appication

TL-200-SCT Dimensions



A A1 B C D E F G Travel Max Load
TL-200-SCT 32.5 34.5 25.75 9 30 30.75 4.75 3 21 100 Lbs.
TL-210-SCT 46 48 35.75 9 43.5 44.25 4.75 3 31 200 Lbs.
TL-220-SCT 53 55 37.75 9 50.5 51.25 4.75 3 33 200 lbs.
TL-230-SCT 62 64 45.25 9 59.5 60.25 4.75 3 40.5 300 lbs.

Sizing the Lift


The self-concealing top option requieres additional width, height, and overall cabinet depth to allow for proper rotation and clearance as the pivots within the cabinet.

WIDTH:  The overall lift width, dimension A1, must e at least 5.5" greater that the televiison widthe to accomodate side rails and necessary clearance.

HEIGHT: The overall height, dimensions B, must be at least 9.5" greater than the television height to accomodate the lift platform and necessary clearance.

DEPTH: the lift platform is fabricated in a 9" depth. This depth must allow for the television depth + the television manufacturer's wall mount bracket depth + 1" for the LIFT-TECH backplate. Inside the cabinet depth in back of the lift platform should accomodate the following minimum dimensions:

4.75" to accomodate the arc of the self-conceiling top.

+ the thickness of the cabinet top

+.25" clearance between the top and the inner wall of the cabinet.