Model TL-325-V Concealed Panel Lift

Our concealed panel lift is designed to quietly and pricisely move a painting, mirror or panel vertically to expose a plasma style TV concealed in a niche, usually above a fireplace.

  • Provides for optimum TV viewing position while preserving ideal location for a fine work of art
  • High quality motor draws less than 3 amps
  • Internal limit switches allow for precise operation
  • For vertical travel models, webbed strapping raises and lowers the panel in conjunction with the rotation on an axle driven by a tubular motor







Width of the mechanism



Height of the frame



*this measurement is dependent of the width of the niche you specify

Sizing a Lift:

Critical sizing information includes the inside dimensions of the niche (width, height, depth) and the size and weight of the panel (painting or mirror) being moved.

The concealed panel lift consists of a stationary portin and a moving frame.

The stationary portion is housed within the niche.  For vertical travel, it its usually located above the TV. If you are lowering the panel to reveal the TV, it is located below the TV. The  stationary portion of the devicce is 10.5"high, 6" deep, and wil extend the entire width of the niche.

The moving frame is 2" narrower than the opening of the niche. Height of the moving frame is sized to accommodate the height of the panel being moved as well as the height of the niche opening.

 The load capacity for the TL-325-V is 100 Lbs. Each lift is built to order.