Model TL-325-H

Our concealed panel lift is designed to quietly and precisely nove a painting, mirror, or panel horizontally to expose a plasma style TV concealed in a niche, usually above a fireplace.

  • Provides for optimum viewing positionwhile preserving ideal location for a fine work of art
  • High quality draws les than 3 amps
  • Internal limit switched allow for precise operation
  • Horizontal travel is driven by a rack and pinion process

Sizing the Lift:

Critical sizing informations includes the inside dimensions of the niche (width, height, depth), and the size and weight of the panel (painting or mirror) being moved.


The Concealed panel lift consists of a stationary portion and a moving frame.

The stationary portion is house within the niche. For horizontal travel devices, the tationary portion is located within the niche at the side of the TV and is 10.5" wide, 6" deep, and ectends the entire height of the niche. In order to center the tv and panel, the moving frame is typically 10.5" wider than the niche.


The painting or mirror will be attached to the frame. A clearance of 1/4" to 1/2" between the frame and the wall is needed to secure that the frame does not touch  the wall during travel.


The load capacity fro the TL-325-H is 50 Lbs.